Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking A Dip

Another Tale from the Franch

I have spent a great deal of my childhood swimming in questionable bodies of water. As kids, it didn’t matter where what we were swimming in, as long as it was cool. A lot of our swimming happened at my friend Meg’s place. Their dad set up a cow tank right off their front porch. It was great. We could jump off the porch into the water, cool off and splash around. The horses would stop over on occasion to take a drink. We’d just jump in wearing whatever clothes we had. Sometimes we would walk or ride out to the cow pond and swim. It was a smallish pond full of murky water. The cows drank from it, bathed in it, and did who knows what else in it. It was full of squishy mud, tadpoles and frogs. It was our dream come true. We would bring a strainer from Meg’s mom’s kitchen, and scoop up loads of tadpoles and little frogs. We would fill our irrigation boots with water and dump our critters in there. Occasionally we'd even catch a crawdad. We would swim and splash to our heart’s content. We never worried about catching the plague or stepping in a cow patty. We just enjoyed having good, clean, unadulterated childhood fun.


pianoguyonstage said...

Hey Meg my sink backed up a bit because of Noah and Amanda's rotten food from last night! Oh and I could dump that into their dirty bath water (I believe Amanda peed in it but not sure). Once that gets all nice and are more than invited to take a dip in it if you want to! I'm sure that would be more than adequate for your fun times!

Jeff & Meg said...

Thanks, but no thanks! I try to limit my bathing water strictly to animal byproducts and not that of the human persuasion. Fun times, yes, fun times. Glad I gave you a new saying.