Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kid Update

The kids are growing so fast; I wish I could bottle up the essence of every stage so I can remember it later. James is starting to use his toys to pretend. His latest favorite toys are tractors and his 'peoples' (Nativity Set). He is always looking around for Jeeee-sus. Its kind of weird to say 'Jesus is under the couch cushion.' But at least he's getting to learn about the Christmas story. James is still recovering from having his cousin here to play for 5 days. Although he had fun, it was a lot to process for him. He has been taking long naps and throwing lots of fits. I like the naps part. I have gotten a lot done. Katie is growing like a weed. She'll be three months soon; its hard to believe! She smiles and laughs and its so cute. She really likes us to get up to her face and interact with her. She also likes to look at the mirror on her swing. Its so fun watching James and Katie together. I know they will have their fights and their moments, but I look forward to seeing them learn to interact with each other and share their own memories.

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