Tuesday, December 11, 2007


James is sure coming up with some interesting statements. His latest thing is to do is grab a few of his 'peoples' before his nap. Then I pick him up and we go upstairs. Sometimes I tell him to 'hold on.' Now he tells his chosen toys 'hold on, peoples.' He has also heard my many nicknames for Katie. When she cries, he says 'Its OK, Kee-Kee' or 'Kee-pie, Kee-pie' (Katie-pie). He likes to tuck her in with a blanket and make her 'cozy.' Its very cute, except that he is just learning the concept that the blanket does NOT go over her face. James has also been pointing out groups of two. He knows how many '2' is, and he'll say 'doo, beesles,' (two weasels) or 'doo, buns.' (Yep, my kid is counting his buns. Weird, I know.) He also has learned a little Spanish: 'i-yosh.'

Adios, peoples!

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