Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our Visit to the Philadelphia Zoo

Random Updates

Jeff always teases me when I say "This is really random, but...". Apparently I begin a lot of sentences that way, but that's just the way my brain works. I could go from thinking about what I am going to have for lunch to who sat next to me in second grade to 'Oh, no! I put my favorite sweater in the dryer!' And on the way to the dryer I would stop to pick up a toy and remember that I had to call so-and-so and never get to the dryer until my sweater shrunk to the size of a washcloth. For better or worse, that is just how I operate. At least I am in good company though. Mom and Rach also start many sentences with 'this is totally random, but...". But enough of my random rambling, all that to explain why I called this entry 'Random Updates.' (I guess the greater issue I just made clear was that I am crazy!!!!) So, here it is. Sorry its probably anti-climactic.

1. James is really getting better at walking! He got his first pair of 'real' shoes today. Yipee!

2. Check out this link to Mike and Erin's blog for a picture and story including us:
I like how they refer to James as our 'drooling mascot.' He'll appreciate that when he's older!

3. We will be flying to Colorado on Saturday for a little over a week to visit Marinda and family.We'll post pictures when we get back. Hopefully James only learns 'good' stuff from all his older cousins! :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

We have a climber...

Although James isn't quite confident walking yet, he thinks quite highly of himself in the climbing arena. Case in point: today he flipped over the laundry basket and slid it in front of the chair. He climbed on top of the laundry basket and made a leap to the chair. Yes, I said leap. He actually jumped, not far, but he JUMPED! Once on the chair he proceeded to climb up on the arm of the chair and onto my old steamer trunk. From there he realized that it would be even more fun to climb into the bay windowsill. There sat James with quite a look of pride on his face, in the windowsill. Boy, are we in for it. I am waiting for the day that I find him on the top of the bookcase or someplace high up. Hopefully he is just as good descending as he is ascending!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Party Time!?

James had a birthday party on Sunday he'll never forget. Everything was set for Sunday afternoon, a normal family b-day party. (You know...pony rides, a hired clown, magician, etc....just kidding) Well, plans changed quickly when Dad had to take a weekend trip at the hospital. To make a long story short: racing heart, 'electrical' problems, and needs an outpatient something-or-other to fix the issue. Fortunately all is well, especially considering he made the cardiologist's record books for highest heartrate in 24 years! Needless to say we are all very happy that he is OK. So, back to the reason James will never forget his first birthday party. Since Dad was obviously out of commision, we took the party on the road, complete with confetti, and went to the hospital so he could be a part of the festivities. It was definetly the most interesting birthday party I've been at and one I'm sure we'll never forget!! We all crammed in to the little curtained room and made the best of it. Someday we can all reminicse and tell James all about the day he turned one.

Big Change

Here is James one year ago today.

Here's our man now!!!! What a difference the year has made. We are so grateful that he is here with us healthy, strong and curious as ever! We love you James!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random Pics

Here is James practicing his newly acquired skill.

James and his first experience with spagetti. Apparently he thought it was dental floss. Why can't adults have this much fun with their food?!

James thinks he is pretty cool sporting Daddy's safety glasses.


The Big O-N-E

Can't believe it's here already...James' very first birthday!

The year has gone so quickly and its hard to believe he has gone from such a tiny little baby to the curious and energetic little boy that is now getting into everything. It has been so much fun to watch him grow and learn. Can't wait see what the next year brings!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

California Flashback

All us kids are growin' up!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cheyney Tradition

It all started out when Phil started hanging around our family. (Phil was Rachel's husband!) In order to make him feel welcome in our quirky family, for his birthday I made him a giant rice crispie treat the shape of Texas. The next time his birthday rolled around, I had to do something funny. So, I made him a Barbie cake, complete with a real Barbie torso and a cake dress. Pink, too! Well, the strange cake-making became tradition and now every time a birthday rolls around Rachel and I brainstorm a new design. So far, we have crafted a Rubix Cube, an elephant, a turntable, Mt. St. Helens, an air-cooled condenser, a sombero, a chocolate mousse armadillo and more. Can you guess who got each cake? Anyway, Dad's birthday rolled around again and Rachel and I decided to make a chaps cake in honor of "Chappy." We have affectionately dubbed him "Chappy" in lieu of Grandpa (Jeff's idea). Here is a picture of our latest creation. This new tradition is lots of fun, but don't worry. We haven't abandoned the old and emmensely popular Cheyney tradition of singing horrendously off-key. We still carry on, much to the chagrin of the neighbors. Soon we will be able to pass on these fun traditions to James, starting with his first birthday on Sunday. Yikes! Can't believe it's Sunday....ahhh! Where has the time gone?! More on that later...