Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pantyhose and Heels

The once-yearly event which requires pantyhose and heels is over! Thank goodness, because Jeff has a hard time walking in high heels. Just kidding. Jeff's Christmas party was last night and we had a great time. We sat at the rowdy Fossil Power table and had a lot of laughs. Someone has to shake things up when there are a bunch of really smart people sitting around discussing nuclear power. One of Jeff's new coworkers is quite the dancer and despite a broken foot, managed to entertain everyone. The food, as always, was plentiful and delicious! There were tons of appetizers, which we didn't have enough time to sample. The meal was great, but that's what we all look forward to. My favorite was the fancy-schmancy little peanut butter mouse chocolate cups, chocolate mousse cake and coconut cake. Yes, I tried them all, and a few more things, including these fancy little fruit tart things that looked like they were glazed with something. (Rach, my resident food snob, what was I eating?) I tried to eat as many things as possible, because hey, it was there...why not!? We were actually out till just about midnight (oops! forgot to check the clock) and that's the latest we've been out since who knows when. Thanks, Mom and Dad for babysitting!!

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