Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Newspapers and Broccoli

So you are probably all wondering if I have gone over the sleep-deprived edge and lost my marbles. You're thinking that the new blog name has nothing to do with anything and is just, well, weird. Hey, what do you expect from us anyway? I was pestering Jeff to help me come up with a new blog name, and this is what he came up with. While I was trying to come up with something cute/catchy/relevant/etc, Jeff told me to be random. Strange, coming out of his mouth, but I needed some ideas. So, after me blurting out many random and really stupid ideas, Jeff came up with 'Newspapers and Broccoli'. Where did he come up with that, you may wonder? Allow me to explain: each day, sometimes several times a day, we hear the obnoxious sounds of 'Pop Goes the Weasel' wafting up the street. As the music gets louder, James usually rushes to the window to see the approach of the ice cream truck. At first, we would shout 'Look, James! Here comes the ice cream truck!' Now, our friends' kids call it the 'music truck,' and they are happily keeping them in the dark as long as they can. We thought that was pretty smart on their part. Jeff and I started calling it the 'Broccoli and Newspaper' truck. Maybe that will deter him for at least a little while. Considering that the top of the van is shaped like a giant popsicle, I seriously doubt it. Anyway, there you have it! The reason for our new title.


Jeff & Meg said...

McWiggins-I was so close to using your idea. I could set it to play Welcome to the Jungle when the blog came up! That would've been funny.

mcwiggins said...

That's okay. You know, there's a reason they xnayed it for our class song. Guns 'N Roses isn't exactly family friendly.

I like random better!

ps- did you see our anniversary post? I think you'll laugh.

Janet said...

We call it the music truck and the broccoli truck too!! Morgan finally figured it out at the pool, when the giant popsicle shaped truck pulled up and kids walked away with ice cream...oh well! She does still call it the music truck or the broccoli truck, she just thinks both options offer ice cream delights :)