Friday, July 27, 2007

The Cousins Are Here!

Here are a few pictures of our week so far. James is enjoying his cousins and we are having a great time!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bum Deal

Alright. I know I do not normally blog about butts, or the President, but today I must digress. I just turned on the evening news to hear this evenings HEADLINES. 'Topping this evening's headlines,' President Bush will be getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. First of all, you have to feel sorry for anyone who has to get a camera threaded up their bum. That's just sick and wrong. I plan on staying 49 for as long as I can. Second, why, OH WHY, does it have to be broadcast on the nightly news???? Poor guy, can't even get a colonoscopy in peace. I understand he's the President but the guy deserves just a little privacy! And good luck with that, Mr. President. I, for one, am very happy to have plenty of years left before the dreaded FIVE-OH.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flying By The Seats of Our Pants

I was pondering what to blog about, since its been a while. I realized that its been awhile because life has been HECTIC! In the past month, we have been in a total of 9 states. (PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, ME, NH, MD, DE) As if that weren’t enough, Jeff managed to squeeze in trips to Montreal, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico. So, welcome to our crazy life. Here are a few random bits of info from the past month or so:

  • James is learning new words constantly: hat, birds, blocks, bunny, doggy, up, down, boots, keys, etc.
  • Jeff managed to evade being mugged/kidnapped/robbed while in Mexico by staying in his hotel and only leaving with his translator.
  • Jeff brought back three whole bottles of Mexican vanilla, which made Mom, Rach and I very happy!
  • Its been hotter than the blazes around here, as Grandma says. Its been in the upper 90’s with 80-90% humidity! Ugh!!!
  • Less than ten weeks till the baby is due!
  • The baby is a girl!
  • We crossed the Mason-Dixon line when we went to visit our friends in MD. Didn’t realize it was so close.
  • As if all that wasn’t enough, we have been working to update the big room upstairs, installing wood floor, trim, shelves, etc, etc, etc.
And there you have it, in a very abbreviated nutshell. In a week and a half two of our nephews and our niece are flying out for a visit, so don't think we've dropped off the face of the planet. Summer will be over soon and then things will slow down for about 3 days and then we'll have a new baby and then, well.....who knows!?

Jeffro's Adventures in Mexico

Who knew that a humble roll of toilet paper could be folded into such fanciness?!

Yummy...Here's the pig, right before they lit it on fire.

Jeff's Bathroom...marble from floor to ceiling

Last week, Jeff traveled to Mexico for business and had quite an experience. He stayed in a really ritzy hotel in Mexico City, and was told not to go anywhere without his trusty translator/guide. The hotel was in a very wealthy part of the city, and apparently the threat of kidnapping/muggings/etc. is very high there. While there, Jeff schmoozed with one of the most wealthy men in Mexico. His 'compound' was complete with a three-story library with glass ceiling and a rain forest in the backyard. While out and about, Jeff had the opportunity to see a suckling pig lit on fire and served up to four of the guys he was with. Now being from Colorado we are not opposed to whole roasted pigs, but, well, check out the picture and see for yourself. It was a little much even for Jeff. Other highlights of the trip included Mexican driving 'rules' and experiencing the lavishness of a five star hotel. I'm just glad he made it home in one piece!