Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kids Commentary Archives, Part 2

What can I entertain myself with?

I can't find my light-up shoes!!! They are stashed away somewhere.

I love you so much Mommy. I think about you all the time and I dream of you at night. I don't want to come attached to you. I love you.

When is this stinkin' snow gonna melt??? And how long til yard sales?

I want you to buy me some jealous shoes. (jelly shoes)

You don't have a sense of humor, Katie.

James: Mom, sin rhymes with umbrella.

Me: Sin rhymes with umbrella?!?!

James: Sort of!

I don't want to look like a freak out in public. (at the thought of wearing his footie pajamas on his bike ride...which, incidentally, he did anyway)

This is gonna be brutal!! (riding his bike up a hill)

If anyone wants a napkin, just holler! (Napkins are Katie's job and she takes it very seriously)

Katie, you are such a napkin fanatic.

Yep, I am a napkin fanatic. You're exactly right!

We're going there when the house runs out of batteries. (translated: when the power goes out)

I'm big and strong, mighty as a man!!

I don't like cheese sticks because they are too cheesy.

Can I interest you in some crackers?

Let's have a tea party. I have all the materials.

I don't have testicles, I have ankles.

You will be so aprised!! (surprised)

I want to eat all of the chocolates without getting into trouble.

I was thinking we could snuggle with each-udder.

The problem is, Mom.....

That's what it says. It says 'weed my wips!!!'

Tuck me in as a sandwich, not as a burrito.

(The hair clippers) are nibbling into my skin.

I'm folding up my sweater to protect me from the raindrops that are falling on me. (She was inside)

I picked Booty and the Beast. That's all.

I am all out of buzzards. I have no more.

Me: James, what did the wise men bring to baby Jesus?

James: Gold and pheasants and perfume. (pheasants = frankincense)

Daddy, for halloween I am going to dress you up as a glue stick, and Tyler's gonna be a rhubarb plant.

Katie, when you grow up your beepers will turn into boobs.

You're brilliant, Mom!!!

Katie is so outrageous.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no arms.

There's this really expensive toy I want to buy. Its at the Dollar Store.

My weft patella is hair-ting. My bones need a drink.

(to Katie): Do you ever run out of questions?

My right eye is hurting me. Mommy, which one is my right eye?

I'm more experienced than you. (to Katie)

Your father is a menace! (to Tyler, in the mall....much to the amusement of other shoppers)

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