Friday, May 25, 2007

Here are my two littlest nephews posing in front of a monster truck. Aside from James, of course, two of the cutest little guys around! :)

Hot Summer Days

Here are the latest ways to keep James entertained during this warm weather we are having. First off, shaving cream! Yes, I AM my mother. (And NO, that doesn't bother me) James was pulling on my leg while I was making dinner and was obviously bored. I plopped him in his seat, gave the kid some shaving cream and viola! Instant fun! Another exciting pastime, which is becoming increasingly popular, is playing in the hose. James loves so spray himself with the hose, water my flowers, wash off his toys, etc. Looks like we'll be looking for a fun sprinkler here pretty soon. The third picture is of James and his little pal. Obviously, James got the better end of the deal!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've finally planted my garden! I really need to get a rototiller one of these years. The trusty Meg-zi-tiller (as Jeff calls me) is not exactly up for long hours of shoveling and tilling these days, so things move very slowly. This year I started seeds in the window for bell peppers, Ahaheim chilies and some other unpronounceable chilies. James didn't even eat them, knock them over, or do anything else to destroy them, so they have graduated into the garden virtually unscathed. I also planted squash, sunflowers and tomatoes. I can't wait for everything to hurry up and grow! In the meantime I will be looking for 501 new recipes for tomatoes. Any ideas???

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Carnival Is In Town

There was a carnival just down the road tonight so we decided to take James so he could experience all the lights and sounds. He was really intrigued and just a little overwhelmed by it all. We were watching the people on one of those spinning rides as they flew toward us. One guy looked like he was ready to lose his lunch, and it was funny to see him flying at us with such a funny look on his face. I, for one, can totally sympathize with him, as I DON'T DO rollercoasters/rides/ferris wheels/etc. I think I am going to die even on a ferris wheel, seriously! Anyway, Jeff decided that it would be hilarious if he acted like he was going to catch the guy as he came flying toward us. Poor guy. He was not impressed. He looked like he would have come out and strangled Jeff, if he hadn't been trying so hard not to barf. I was afraid he would come after us later on, but fortunately he didn't. On the way out, we spotted a goofy statue of a hot dog in a tuxedo coat and had to stop and take a picture or two.

Future Blackmail Picture

Here is James with his "I'm really not happy" face.

The Best Mother's Day (Belated Post)

This year, Jeff and James went all out for Mother's Day. As Jeff informed me, he used 275% of his creative/mental/crafty capabilities to come up with my gift. All week, Jeff worked hard at something on the computer each night. I was given strict instructions not to go poking around where I didn't belong. Saturday, he and James went out to procure whatever was needed for their secret endeavors. Saturday night, I was banished from my own what is up with that? What was this man up to? Sunday morning, Jeff and James presented me with a beautiful pot of flowers, decorated with handmade clay letters and a picture of James and I. Its says "I love my mommy." If that wasn't enough to melt my heart, Jeff (with James' help of course!) made me a video of James' pictures, along with a letter from James. The movie even had the FBI warning at the beginning. Now hows that for fancy?! What a fabulous day! So, thanks Jeff and James, my two favorite men, for making my day so special!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Look What I Found in the Trash!!!

We went for a walk this morning and look what we found! A toy wheelbarrow, a metal Radio Flyer ride-on, and a toy lawn mower...all they needed was to be hosed off and tah-dah! Cool new stuff to entertain James.

I was introduced to the sport of 'trash-picking' when we moved here, and boy, is it a sport. Some people drive up and down every street before the trash-men come, looking for certain things. There is a guy who picks up metal, another picks up appliances, and some people get very territorial about the whole thing. I saw couple people once loading half of someones trash into their truck once without even looking at it, because there was another trash picker coming. They looked through it and put what they didn't want back on the street. I am not that crazy about it; I am just glad to have found some cool toys for James to play with!

Watching the Boats Go By

Last week after supper, Jeff took us to Maple Beach on the Delaware River. James got to watch the boats, throw rocks into the waves and splash around in his little irrigation boots. It was so much fun to watch Jeff and James together!

Too bad that Maple Beach is also a haven for drug dealers and teenagers up to no good. Why can't any place around here be left to enjoy without a WaWa next door or a drug dealer scoping out your car!?! Argh!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The P-A-R-K

The days are getting warmer and our outdoors-loving son would just as soon stay outside all day and maybe even all night. We have quickly discovered that although we hated it at the time, our parents were on to something when they spelled words out. If we say the word 'outside,' James immediately runs and gets his shoes and his hat and stands by the door. So, we have become quite skilled at quickly spelling o-u-t-s-i-d-e. Another word we have found is helpful to spell rather that say is P-A-R-K. There is a nice little park in Mom and Dad's neighborhood we like to go to. There are lots of things to climb on, and James has a grand ol' time.

The Ever-Growing Baby Bump

Monday, May 07, 2007

We've had the ultrasound, and..........

well, they've narrowed it down to either a boy or a girl! The ultrasound tech *thinks* its a girl but didn't really get a good look, so we'll have to wait to confirm or deny that rumor. I have another ultrasound in a month, so we'll have another chance to find out then. So, keep making bets, people! The jury is still out.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Near Catastrophe Averted!

We had quite the dinner-time fiasco last night. Tacos and corn, nothing fancy. We were all eating and Jeff somehow happened to notice that James had shoved a piece of corn up his nose. With every breath, the corn was edging its way further and further from reach. Frantically, we ran around looking for, as we have affectionately dubbed it, the booger-sucker. It was nowhere to be found. Jeff kept yelling from the kitchen to hurry, and telling James to stop sucking it in further and further. (As if he really had any clue!) Jeff had the genius idea to get a pair of tweezers and amazingly, I was able to navigate the nostril and extract the corn without so much as a scratch! Jeff was pretty grossed out, but I was just relieved to get it out. Seriously, going to the ER with a kid who shoved a piece of corn up his nose is not on my list of things I'd like to do.