Saturday, December 01, 2007

Support Your Local Crooks

Jeff's sister and brother-in-law own a used car lot in Colorado. They are not your stereotypical sleazy used car place, although people with cigarettes hanging out their mouths would say otherwise. Apparently a kid bought a truck from them, and wanted to return it for a refund. Why not, right? He saved his receipt and everything. Anyway, he bought a truck as-is, knowing that the fuel gauge was broken, then decided he wasn't happy with that. John bent over backwards and offered to fix the problem for him, even though he bought it AS-IS. He even offered to trade it for something else. The kid refused and wanted his money back. So now he has wrangled his family into picketing the car lot. Who ever heard of such a thing?! I am sure signs written in marker saying 'Honk if you hate J&M' are incredibly effective. John, seeing the possibility in all this, seized the moment by joining them with his own sign: 'Will work for beer' He also recognized a good opportunity to wear his mullet wig.

Its always good to have a chance to wear the mullet wig.

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pianoguyonstage said... I've seen everything. This is not a pic of's PA. That's Jeff, hiding behind that sign! I've seen him with a six-pack or two. He's always drunk...never actually seen him sober. That's the main reason why he's AT church, but never goes into the sanctuary. There's an unwritten law that says, "If drunk, do not come in here!!"
That's the real reason people.