Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Stuck in My Own Head and I Can't Get Out!!

Last night, I spent over an hour, awake, with this song running through my head incessantly. I think a few of my brain cells might have voluntarily decommissioned themselves during this episode of insomnia. "You suspension, it suspends me over heights I never knew...Your roll bar is to die for, by the way, I like your chrome." The song is humorous, under normal circumstances, but I felt like I was trapped in my own head with no chance of escape. Fortunately, after an hour of this and of listening to my sweet baby James coughing in his sleep and wanting to run up and hold him, I finally fell back to sleep. For a while, anyway.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Sorry about the insomnia, I feel your pain...however, the song was hilarious and you could've had worse ones stuck in your head like my accidental alarm song..."tell me what you want pretty mama, tell me what you got pretty lady...etc."

Jules said...

Merry Christmas to the Grove Family!!!!