Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dad, You're My Hero

Last night James, Katie and I found ourselves locked outside of the bedroom. James had been playing around and locked the door and pulled it shut. Fortunately, we were all on the same side of the door. I can't imagine if Katie had been in there. Of course, it was James' bedtime and Jeff was out of town. And his cell phone was turned OFF. I got a piece of wire to try and pop the lock. It wasn't working, so after trying unsuccessfully to reach Jeff, I called my Dad. He told me what to try and I still couldn't get it unlocked. The TV was on, and the same Veggie T@les song was looping over and over again. I was thinking I might go nuts sleeping in the living room, with a baby, and listening to that over and over and over. But like a superhero, Dad swooped in and saved the day. He came over, walked right in and popped the lock. I was thrilled. But seriously, why is it that whenever something is wrong and you just can't get it, your husband/father can walk right in and make you look like an idiot. Kind of like the parking light situation, Dad. Anyway, I was glad that Dad was close enough to come over and save the day. Thanks, Dad.

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