Saturday, December 08, 2007

Guess What I Did Yesterday

I woke up, hauled my babies out in the cold to go to Grammy's house while I went to the dentist. My first cavity EVER had to be taken care of. The dentist told me he could give me special novicane since I am nursing. The only thing, he said, was that it wore off more quickly than the normal stuff. He said that if I started to feel pain I needed to raise my hand. Nothing like a few words of encouragement. I managed not to pass out even though I accidentally saw the nasty needle they use. As he was drilling away, humming 'Winter Wonderland,' (seriously!) he informed me that it was going to have to be a root canal. Yippeee! Just what I wanted. So he drilled away. He used something that sounded just like a welding torch, and some other horrifying tools to remove the offending enamel. Toward the end I started to feel the drill hitting my nerves, but I didn't want to see that needle again so I stuck it out. Fun times, I tell ya, fun times. So by 10:00am I had had my first root canal. The next thing on my list yesterday was for Rach and I to wrap Mom in duct tape. We try to do this at least once a month, because seriously...why not? Look at the fun we had:

First, Mom made herself a saucy little number out of old t-shirts.

The wrappee is being wrapped by the wrapper. Precision is a must!

This is coming along quite nicely. She looks like the Bionic Duct Tape Super Hero

Or a Hershey kiss. Or a tellietubbie. Or a television antenna.

Time to remove our masterpiece. Whatever you do, don't move!

Here it is: Mom's duct tape carcass

James loved the hat we made.

And are you wondering what the heck we were doing???? As much fun as it was, we really had a purpose. We were making a dressmaker's form for my mom to use for sewing. Pretty nifty, huh? Who wouldn't want to spend almost three hours wrapped in duct tape on a Friday afternoon. If this thing works, it will be very cool. I am just glad I wasn't the test rat for this project. I finished off my day by listening to James singing 'Man-tee, Man-tee, Man-tee' at the top of his lungs. (We were watching Veggie T@les's silly song called 'Endangered Love' about Barbara Manatee) No wonder I was so tired last night.

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