Thursday, December 20, 2007

Habla Espanol?

**I just realized I forgot to post this, so if it seems a little outdated that's why.**

My sister-in-law was here to visit with her youngest son, Dylan. He is four and hilarious. Marinda and I were talking about how its hard to understand James sometimes. Dylan said, "Its because he speaks Spanish!"

We also had the following conversation, Dylan and I:

D: Have you ever seen Sponge B*b?
Me: No
D: You've NEVER SEEN Sponge B*b?!
Me: Uh, no.
D: Well, he is yellow and he is square. He is pants. He has a mommy and a dad, but they are not square pants. You wouldn't know them. They aren't yellow and they are not square. His friend is Patrick. Patrick has three Patricks. Patrick One, Patrick Two, and Patrick Three.
Me: Is Patrick a sponge?
D: No, he's something else.
Me: (confused)

Whoever invented that show must be a little off, but very clever. Who'd a thought that a show about a sponge would be so popular?

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