Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's my two hundred and one-th post! So, in honor of that, I will tell you 201 intriguing facts about myself. Just kidding! I bet you were sweating there for a minute. Instead, see if you can guess which statement goes with which one of us (kiddies included):

1. I didn't live in a town with a traffic light until college.
2. I have only one joint in each of my toes.
3. I have never had a birthday party.
4. I have eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters, but I would never try snake meat.
5. I am scared of balloons.
6. I picked my degree by flipping through the college handbook and picking something I knew almost nothing about. Hey, it seemed interesting at the time!
7. I have a birthmark.
8. I once snorted Fun Dip on a dare.
9. I love Tina Turner.
10. I punched a girl in high school.

Can you guess???


pianoguyonstage said...

Ok ok give me room here....

9.JEFF!!!!! Ha

Jeff & Meg said...

You get a 60%...I'll post the answers in another day or two.

mcwiggins said...

Numbers 6 and 9 are DEFINITELY Jeff.

I heard him sing to "What's Love Got To Do With It" once. It was disturbing.

Jeff & Meg said...

Here are the answers, Eric!
1. Meg
2. Jeff
3. Katie
4. Jeff
5. James
6. Jeff
7. James
8. Meg
9. Jeff
10. Meg