Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mmmmm...Mutant Cookies

Since its only 13 days till Christmas (YIKES!) Rach and I decided to get into the festivities by making some Christmas cookies. And we (I) made an intriguing discovery: frosting cookies is not on Rachel's long list of culinary skills. Ha Ha, Rach! Something I can do.....and did I mention you can't? (Rach gave me full permission, by the way, to make fun of her...we laughed hysterically yesterday about this) Rachel was in charge of frosting all the snowmen, and they have the appearance of spending too much time in the sun. A few of them look like they have boobs. One looks like it got shot in the nose. The snowflakes turned out good, though. Nice job, Rach! James 'helped' us by dumping flour all over the table, himself, and the floor. We also all helped by performing frequent and highly scientific taste tests. In the end, they passed with flying colors.

Cookies, anyone?

Rach staged a little display of our handiwork. (That is a bell, not an Easter hat, and the money sign was a joke for Phil)

And a day with Rach wouldn't be complete for James without at least a zillion hugs from his Auntie.

And now I am going to go cry my eyes out because Rachel is moving to the Arm Pit State on Saturday and she is going to live 45 whole minutes away!!! I am so sad. But at least its only 45 minutes away. It could be worse. But, still...waaaaaa!

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