Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Festivities Part One

Christmas has already come and gone. There are bits of wrapping paper, ribbon and wire ties all around my house. The dust is still settling. It was another joyous year, and we enjoyed having Katie as part of our Christmas this year. Having an infant at Christmas time reminded me even more of the meaning of the season. I can't imagine having to birth and care for a baby in a dusty manger. Nor can I fathom caring for a baby that was God's Son. It was so fun this year to see James begin to connect the real reason for all this activity, even if he was a little confused. He wanted to open more of 'Jesus' presents.' He was very helpful in opening not only his presents, but Katie's and ours as well. More on Christmas later, including the Chapstick tradition and a nasty nasal irrigation device. Bet you can't hardly wait.

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