Friday, December 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Franch: Ya’ Don’t Say!

Given the aforementioned lack of cultured activity during our dating days, Jeff and I spent lots of time riding around on four-wheelers with loaded guns. Sounds safe, right? Anyway, we would ride around hunting prairie dogs, chasing coyotes and shooting at anything that moved. Not really. But kinda. Jeff once took aim at a bullfrog in the pond and pulled the trigger. Not exactly sure why, but he did. We didn’t think he got it, and never gave it a second thought. (P.S. Shooting at water is NOT a smart thing to do) A few weeks, maybe even a month later, we were all sitting around at the table when Charlie, the guy that ran the farm, mentioned that he had seen a frog swimming around the pond with its organs hanging out the side. Ya’ don’t say!

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