Monday, December 17, 2007

I am mommy, hear me roar...

Right before I pass out, that is! Today I went out in the cold, icy wind to do a mass shopping trip at BJ's. Somehow, I managed to haul both kids and a ginormous cart through the store. (Jeff assures me that 'ginormous' has just been added to Webster's, but apparently not to spell check) I steered the cart with one hand and my foot while holding a pacifier for Katie in the other. By the time I was done, poor James was squeezed in so tight he could hardly move and the checker couldn't believe I fit it all in one cart. Then I left the store into the icy wind and bang! One of those thick, heavy cardboard boxes flew up and hit me square on the nose. A nice lady helped me retrieve the box and I made it to the truck. Then the other boxes I had flew off and James started crying because he was so cold. Somehow I wrangled both kiddies and all the groceries, toilet paper, diapers, etc. into the truck and came home. Everything is still in the truck, being kept cool thanks to the icy wind...did I mention the icy wind? It managed to carry off into the unknown the new doormat I just bought three days ago. I think I need a serious nap!

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