Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Really...what can be said about this picture? Nothing, except that if you're wondering, that's one of those stretchy book covers he has on his head. Ahhh, Jeffrey....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cool Website

Check out this cool website:


OK, so maybe I am a nerd, but it seems pretty cool. You can see live video of a watering hole in Africa, as well as various other wildlife cams.

Four Generations

Here we are: four generations of the Cheyney family.
Dad, Grandpa, Meg and James (of course, with my
black eye) It sure was nice to have everyone together,
except Rach and Phil. (We missed you guys!!)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Words!?

OK, so the whole 'first word' thing is much more complicated that it first appeared. What really counts as a first word, and who has to hear it? And, does it have to be properly enunciated??? At the ripe old age of 8 or 9 months, James started pointing and saying 'oooo' with a certain emphasis. Nate, you roll your eyes, but I SWEAR he was saying 'Look!' For the record, Jeff, Rach and Mom thought so too. But that doesn't count, for whatever reason. Then for a week or two he started calling 'mamamama' and then stopped, cold turkey. Once, he waved and said 'bye-bye' as Jeff was leaving for work. This time, I was the only one to hear it. So again, invalid as a first word. And so it has gone, waiting for James' actual first official word, hoping that it will somehow fulfill the right qualifications. Of course, it came when I was in the kitchen....argh!!! Grammy and Chappy were over, AKA Mom and Dad, and Dad was putting his coat on. As the story goes, James waved and said 'bye' clear-as-a-bell. Darn it! The first smile went to Auntie Rachel and the first official 'qualified' word goes to Chappy!?! Why????????????? OK, so I am done venting about that for now. Since the official utterance of the first word, he has started to say 'Daddy' pretty often, and 'ball' too. What happened to 'mama' is what I want to know???

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Already!???!!!

Happy New Year, peoples!!! Can't believe its already 2007. Jeff and I were just reminiscing about Y2K and the pranks we played on certain unsuspecting people. HeHeHe! Someday James will ask when we were born, and we will tell him, and he will think we are ancient, since we were born in the century previous to him. I just hope we don't acquire that funny, musty old person smell. (And don't worry, Gma and Gpa, you don't have that funny old person smell)
Anywho....hope ya'll are enjoying an extra day off and eating as many chocolates as possible before the diets start! haha