Thursday, April 09, 2015

Tyler may be in Kindergarten. He may not be able to say his "R" and "W" sounds, but this kid has a vocabulary that boggles my mind. Here are some of his more recent statements:

  • This parking lot is treacherous!
  • (after asking him to tell Chappy which word he used to describe the parking lot) I don't remember. Did I say it was despicable? 
  • Mom, the bathtub synthesizes cold water into hot water.
  • Let me show you what I did with my Legos. I built it so that structurally it is strong.
  • The other kids at school did not do it correctly.
  • Mom, that is not correct.
  • I can't conduct my experiment like that!
  • Water from the ocean evaporates and goes up into the sky, and the clouds are made of stuffing and it collects water and when it gets full it rains.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Well. First off, we're still alive. Now that we've got that out of the way, I shall proceed with random updates.

 Easter was fun! Easter egg hunts never get old. The older they get, the harder I get to hide the eggs which is fun.
 Following age old tradition, they each get two colors of eggs to search for so that there is no squabling.
 Tyler's hair is getting long-ish and what I like to call 'baby bird' hair and I love all the little unruly tufts sticking out. :) 
 This girl and her faces. She's a nut. A very funny nut.
 I repeat: a nut!
 Look how tall the James man is getting!! He's up past my chin now and I'm not exactly short.
Despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, he insists on continuing to grow like a weed!

In other news, I have been putting all my time into a) keeping the kids alive (SUCCESS!) and b)keeping myself alive, and c) working on my Etsy shop. Business is picking up and I have gotten enough custom orders recently that I have been very busy sewing! It is a nice outlet for me and I am really having fun with it.