Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Day Without Sunshine

A Guest Post by James

A day without my grandparents is like a day without sunshine. Every day, I ask my Mommy at least three times, sometimes twenty-seven times, if I can go over to ‘Dammy-Da-paw’s house.’ I am on to the fact that it is but a brief walk to the magical grandparents house, and I think I should be able to go whenever I please. You see, my grandparents spoil me. They give me ‘cheats’ all the time. Despite the fact that Grammy slips me treats laced with carob and brown rice syrup, I still think she is a peach. Grandpa likes to give me M&M’s. He finds it quite humorous to slip me a few every now and then. Someday, my Mommy says she is going to get me all hopped up on sugar and send me over to spend the night. I can’t wait! Just don’t tell Grandpa my Mommy’s plan. Grandpa and I, we’re pals. He is kind of uptight about me peeing on his carpet, though. Seriously, can someone just ask him to relax? Have I ever peed on his carpet? No! (Note to Self: Add that to my To-Do list) Did I mention that they let me do all kinds of stuff I am not allowed to do at home? Things like sitting on the kitchen counter, using the hose sprayer, indiscriminately applying band-aids to imaginary boo-boos. They also have special things for me to use at their house, like my own pair of gardening gloves, a rake and a shovel. I like their house so much, in fact, that I am considering moving in with them. Do you think they would mind?

NEWS FLASH: After a very long ENTIRE WEEK of no phone, they finally figured out how to turn it back on and.....drumroll please....we should have internet today! Yipeeeeee!!!!!

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