Monday, April 28, 2008

Let’s Hope This One Doesn’t Last

James’ latest fashion fad is Jeff’s work hat. When I say Jeff’s work hat, by that I mean sweat-stained, dirt-encrusted, faded, broke-in, foul smelling, what-color-did-that-used-to-be-again, had-it-since-before-time work hat. Are we clear? The thing is nasty. I have been wondering for some time now when the thing is going to up and walk off on it’s own. And this, my friends, is what my sweet little son has been wearing for the last three days. When he takes it off I can still smell the odor emanating from his cute little noggin. It kind of takes the fun out of sniffing his hair. My favorite little James smell is masked over by the smell of my husband’s years of stale sweat, oil changes, mowed lawns, and general grime. I mentioned to Jeff James’ obsession with the hat. I casually mentioned that the hat had seen better days, perhaps since say, uh, 1997, and was getting kind of grungy. Jeff replied with ‘That hat’s in its prime!’ I think I may have made some comment about how disgusting it was to actually put that nasty carcass of a hat on his head. He informed me that any man who was a REAL man had a hat like that. While it is clear that the hat isn’t going away anytime soon, I hope James’ obsession with it does. I want my little kid smell back.

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