Friday, May 09, 2008

So Much Fun! The High-Class Adventures of James

Since Jeffrey had to trot off on a business trip, I had my friend Candi and her three kids over for dinner last night. While Jeff was collecting free pens and key chains and cowboy-hat-shaped hardhats, we were sitting outside watching the kids play and enjoying a few minutes to chat. James got to try to ride a bike for the very first time. He didn't quite get the whole pedaling thing down, but he looked like he was having fun. And since we are a high-class, cultured family, James decided to teach Noah and Amanda a thing or two about class. He ate out of the compost pile, AGAIN! I made him spit it out. Disgusting! And speaking of disgusting, my little boy spits! In front of Candi's kids! And there is not a dang thing I can do to stop it, because Jeff does it! Why, oh, why must men spit? It is by far one of the nastiest habits ever. When James spits, Amanda likes to yell "James is spitting!" so we know James is breaking the rules. Unfortunately for Candi, she has to explain that it's OK for James to spit, but not for them. And I just hang my head in shame. The babies also had a fun time playing and looking at each other. I got a really cute picture of the two of them that I'll show y'all if I ever find the stinkin' cable!!


Schwartz's said...

I was going to write a posting about your sons lovely habit, but I thought I'd just let it go. I was cracking up when I read this. FYI Noah was caught spitting the next day!!

Jeff & Meg said...

I'm so sorry...hopefully he forgets soon! At least he didn't get them to eat out of the compost!