Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday's Happenings:

Yesterday morning found Mom and I doing this:

Technically, we were not actually dumpster diving. We were trash picking. Trash picking is a favorite pastime here in the land of PA. We got the heads up that it was the community large trash day in a neighboring town. We actually, unknowingly, hit this a few years ago. We found all kinds of cool stuff and just thought we were hitting a 'good trash day.' Geez. That really makes me sound trashy. But anyway, here's what we found: a picture frame, a bunch of records for Nate, two new sets of paintbrushes and oil paints, etc., a few name brand sweaters, one with the dry cleaning tag still on, and a few other random things. Oh, and I found a fancy purse with change and stuff still in it. Can you believe people throw this stuff out? There were some clothes with tags still on them! The funny thing was, when I got home, our neighbor came over and said that someone had stolen his whole trash can with trash. Now that would concern me too, due to identity theft, but I had to laugh. The police told him it was not a crime to steal someone's trash, and little did he know I had taken part in a little trash picking that morning. Although I was not rooting through peoples' rotten egg shells and credit card bills and such. Did I mention that during this whole ordeal it was poring rain? Mom and I didn't care; we had fun. That's how high class we are. And speaking of high class, we had a high class wedding to go to last night. So, after spending the morning trash picking, I had to get all gussied up for a wedding:

The wedding was very nice and the reception was a lot of fun. I even danced for a few songs! Jeff, of course, stayed on the side lines except for trying to dance with the groom to 'Jesse's Girl.' He was not too enthused about dancing with Jeff, although he did respond by singing a few lines of 'I wish that I was Jeffrey's girl.' What a way to end the day!

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