Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Ode to Mom

You let us bury you in leaves.
You let us climb up trees and play in the mud.
You laid in the grass and taught us how to see pictures in the clouds.
When we asked you what was for dinner, you said 'Chingafrog.' (How do you spell that anyway?)
You wiped our butts and snotty noses.
You bought us raspberry Zingers or fruit roll-ups after our swimming lessons.
You made us homemade donuts and zweiback and chocolate chip cookies.
You only asked me 246.24885 times if I had your muffin cookbook. (He, he...I had to throw that in there)
You read us chapter after chapter of the most fascinating books, until you probably just wanted to sleep.
You taught us how to count in German.
You taught us how to say 'Sheetaraya' (Again...spelling?)

And now....

You let my kids sit on your kitchen counter and eat all kinds of 'cheats'
You take the kids when I need to run errands.
You helped me pack, clean, move, clean, etc......
You keep special things for my kids at your magical grandparent house.

I could keep going about all the fun memories I have. Thanks for being the best Mom and Grammy! We love you!

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