Saturday, May 03, 2008

If you think I'm weird... should meet my husband. He is by trade an engineer. Need I say more? Him and his quirky coworkers plan various themed clothing days at work. Friday was wear-the-company-logo-shirt day. In the past they have sanctioned days such as orange-shirt-Wednesday, tie-Tuesday, circa 1992 long sleeved jean shirt Monday and multi-shirt Friday (involving multiple outfit changes). Jeff and his coworkers have also perused the local grocery store with Jeff wearing his cowboy hat and Elvis glasses. On his own, Jeff has sported his gigantic red laser-viewing goggles while driving around. Why? Please don't ask me. Ask him. I have been with him for just about ten years and still can't understand him. Yet of all the goofy clothing days Jeff and his fellow engineers have masterminded, my all time favorite is 'no-undie-Mondee.' I just have to wonder, how do they know who is participating?

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