Monday, May 12, 2008

Jeff's Trade Show Goodies

Jeff got back from a trade show in Baltimore last week. He brought a bunch of goodies home. Check out a few of the more unusual things:

A light-up ice cube that can actually be frozen. No party is complete without a flashing ice cube in every cup. Not to mention that the ice cube is advertising a company that makes sewer systems, among other things.

A little laser-cut metal thingie. Check out the pen next to it to get an idea of how small it is. Each flag has 50 stars (not circles!) cut into it. Impressive, but now what do I do with it?

A nifty toothpick holder: When you push the slider, it pushes a toothpick out for you. It's fun! I'm easily amused.

A lint remover, or if you are James, a cell phone. He even took his 'cell phone' to church with him.

The jury is still out on this one. What in the world!?!

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