Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The World Keeps On Spinning….

….And so do our neighbors.

Despite the fact that we live in the same type of neighborhood in the same town as our old house, we feel much closer to our neighbors here. Not only is our yard smaller, but we have only a chain link fence between our yard and everyone else’s. While all our neighbors are very nice, it is a little close. It’s one of those situations where you can hear everything they are talking about and see who has mustard on their hamburger. Until we find it possible to invest in a privacy fence, we will be able to look out our dining room window for our evening entertainment. And I don’t mean watching the squirrels. Last night, we watched the neighbors leaning over with their heads resting on a baseball bat, spinning in circles. Then they would try to run around. Please note that it was not simply the kids: the parents were participating as well. It provided us with some interesting dinner entertainment. Another thing they do, which cracks me up, is practice golfing in their backyard. There is not much space, but that doesn’t stop them. Maybe I need to get out more, but I find it funny that they golf in their backyard. Another neighbor of ours is a sweet older woman and her husband. While it doesn’t appear that there will be any shenanigans happening on their side of the fence, they do have a shrine in their backyard of the Virgin Mary. She is standing under a little roof and there are a plethora of rodent statuary gazing lovingly upon the Virgin. Nothing is quite as touching as a ceramic tree rat (AKA Squirrel) looking admiringly at a statue of Jesus’ mother. Again, why this cracks me up, I am not sure, but it makes me giggle. I guess this is all part of living in suburbia, where you can get involved in everybody’s business if you want to. All I have to say is that hopefully there are no nude sunbathers in the neighborhood.

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Trish D said...

Ah, the wonders of L-town!! :) Thankfully our neighbors are pretty decent (with the exception of our cranky neighbor who finds it necessary to criticize everything everyone does, usually with a bit of salty language thrown in. Oh, and she's virtually deaf, which makes having a conversation quite interesting)

I really miss alleys (although it does make it hard to find the good garbage when it's hidden behind the houses)