Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I shootin' buss-ards!

***I think I have sunk to a new low, posting about gas, but here goes nothing. ***

This is the new phrase around here, courtesy of Grandpa. Whenever James would pass gas, Dad would ask James "Are you shooting buzzards?" Now whenever James farts, he laughs and says "I shootin' buss-ards!" If Katie passes gas, which of course being the delicate little flower that she is (just like her mommy), she never does...but if she did, James laughs and says 'Tee shootin' buss-ards, Mama!' Sometimes, being the gentleman that he is, he takes the blame for them. 'That was me, Mama!' Now, whenever he makes a noise of any sort, he says mischeviously, 'That was me, Mama!'

What's up with boys? How do they learn at such a tender young age that farts are funny? Pretty soon he'll be having belching contests with his father because of course, historically, I have never participated in such nonsense. Never.

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Trish D said...

Ah, the simple joys of childhood (cough, cough!)

...But seriously, our little darling was firing off some serious "hiney burps" last night (there's a reason for her nickname!)