Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beam me up, Scotty!

Alternative Title: Thanks for the Mammaries, James

Or: Why I should never take James shopping again!

We went to Kohl's today, because I had a coupon for $20 I needed to use before it expired. I was hoping, praying that I could find a bathing suit. Oh, the horror of it all. I realized that this season's hottest accessory is boobs. It is impossible to find something that does not advertise the merchandise, if you know what I mean. So I set forth on my unfruitful mission to find a bathing suit. James made the all-important 'my-mom-is-forcing-me-to-shop-so-I'm-going-to-hide-
discovery. Except that he announces 'I'm hidin' mama!' and jumps out. Of course, this being a new and exciting thing, he had to hide in every clothes rack we passed. I managed to gather up a couple tankini tops and scored the big dressing room. Katie sat contentedly playing while I tried stuff on. James tried to look under the dressing room walls. I tried to find a bathing suit that fit, without making me look like a total tramp. James was getting bored, and fast. I was trying to distract him by showing him how the little clippy hangers work. It didn't work. He was bored and I could tell I had better hurry up. Then, without warning, he said very loudly "I eat your booooooooooooooooob, mama!" Uh, no. "Tee eat your boooooooooob, mama!" So, not too loudly, but loudly enough to be heard by whoever heard James' remarks, I said something like "Katie nurses, doesn't she? You don't nurse anymore." Geez. What do you say? I am sure whoever else was in there at the time was wondering what the heck he meant, or laughing at what he said. Needless to say I was glad to get out of there without running into anyone in the dressing room. Now if only I could find a bathing suit that doesn't showcase the booooooooooooobs, I'd be one happy woman.

PS. Maybe to redeem himself as a faithful little shopper, on the way to the counter, James picked up a shirt and said, 'Dit dis shirt, Mommy. It's cute.'

And a totally random update unrelated to certain aforementioned parts: Katie is doing what I would refer to as the preliminary crawl. She is scooting mostly with her feet, but using her arms a little, to pull herself across the floor. She is getting pretty good at getting to what she wants. It won't be long before she is crawling around.

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Jules said...

I took Jacob shopping to get a dress for my a rehearsal dinner. Big mistake. In the dressing room he says to me " Mommy, you legs chubby " And then louder as if I didn't hear him, " Mommy you chubby! " Thanks Jacob! I didn't take it personal since I am pregnant and he doesn't understand that. Kids!