Sunday, May 04, 2008

Our Morning Routine

Since we've moved into the 'new house,' James has been through quite a transition. The first week or so, he seemed pretty normal. After that, a hell broke loose. He just behaved like a little heathen. Geez, it's like he is human or something. Anyway, for a few weeks it was very trying. After this phase started to pass, James started not being able to sleep at night. He would be awake for at least two hours when we put him to bed. Most of the time he would want us to check on him, or he'd come downstairs and say 'me not tired!' The other thing he started to do was wake up at all early hours. (2:00am, 4:00am, 5:30am) This means that Katie wakes up at all early hours. James just comes down stairs and climbs into bed with us. I tell him he has to go back to sleep. Usually he does. Then, of course, Katie wakes up too. I bring her in bed with us too. My morning, from 5:00 on, usually involves a cold foot in my ear, a chubby little hand pulling my hair and a 30 pound toddler trying to curl up directly under my armpit. Although it's not exactly how I would care to spend those morning hours, it is sweet to have both my babies curled up next to me sleeping soundly. It was especially sweet yesterday when James was stroking my hair back out of my face while I was trying to sleep. Even if his hands smelled like pizza sauce and dirt.

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