Monday, May 05, 2008

A Wee Irish Lad

This phase seems to be coming to an end, but I have been wanting to write about it before it disappears forever. James started using 'me' instead of 'I' or any contraction thereof. His sentences began to make him sound like a little Irish fellow. Here are a few examples:

'I need me sippy tup!'
'Me go in ba-yard'
'I need me pants, Mommy'

He is finally figuring out how to use 'I' and 'my' now, so the 'me' is slowly giving way. His new misuse of grammar is the use of 'our' instead of 'we.' Case in point: 'Our go in living room, Daddy. Our play in living room ri-NOW!!!'

In other kid news, Katie is starting to be able to sit up on her own for a few seconds at a time. She can sit up pretty well with some support. She forgets herself after a bit and starts her perpetual kicking and knocks herself over. She loves the music in church, and yesterday she was squeeling, screaming, kicking like crazy and as happy as can be.

I am getting ready to start a vegetable garden. Our neighbor came over last night and offered to till it up for me. That will be so nice. Now I need to figure out how to keep the varmits out. Groundhogs, squirrels and rabbits. Any suggestions? Garlic, scarecrows, plastic snakes???

Enough of the rambling update. The natives are getting restless. Ta, ta for now...

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