Sunday, March 02, 2008

Your Little What?!?

James has started using the term sister. Prior to this, he understood as well as a two-year-old can what it meant, but never really used the word. Well, now he has. The problem is that this term of endearment came out as 'shitter.' How sweet. James would sweetly lean over, give Katie a kiss and proudly proclaim 'mines little shitter.' Fortunately, after a day or two of using this newfound vocabulary word, he has honed in his pronunciation and has whittled it down to 'sitter.'

In renter news, yesterday we had only two appointments scheduled. One of them showed up. The good news: we got our first application AND their application fee! (Which means they're serious) The bad news: it doesn't appear that a) they have a clue what they are trying to get into and b) they could begin to afford it. They have never rented before and the lady just lost her job. They have two kids to support and have lived with family all their lives. Another guy who was supposed to bring in his application showed up empty-handed and said that it just wasn't going to work out. Two additional people called yesterday afternoon and came by. One couple looked at the kitchen, asked what school district it was in, and turned right back around to leave. The other guy who came to look at it doesn't seem to us to be too hopeful, since they would have to pull their daughters out of Pennsbury school district to move to our dreaded Bristol township. Dang school districts! We are back to square one, still looking for renters. I half-jokingly told a few guys at church last week that if they had any legitimate friends to send them over to rent our house. They both scratched their heads and said 'No, I don't think I have any legitimate friends.' All we need is just one family!

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Phillip and Rachel said...

He He He...James is funny on accident! That is cute thought...I am glad that his days of the jealous Superman divebomb are over...