Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jesus, where are You now?

...continued from yesterday.

The Jesus picture was not to be forgotten. In fact, it is still making the rounds amongst the family, or is it? A few months after hanging the picture in Dad's office, it appeared hanging in my room. I kept it for a while before hanging it up downstairs. It went on like this, and when I moved back to Colorado, I found it in my boxes. On a visit home I managed to deposit it back where it belonged. Rasta Jesus traveled with Mom and Dad across the country when they moved here from California. He's quite a well-traveled chap, that Rastafarian Jesus. I think I forgot to mention somewhere in there that He stowed away in our wedding gifts. At one point, I snuck into Dad's office at PBU and hung it in his office. Its been back and forth quite a bit. Most recently, Dreadlock Jesus has been at Dad's house, waiting to be passed around. I keep wondering when and where He will appear. Then, things got mysterious. Very mysterious. Dad had mentioned stashing it away in Rach and Phil's stuff. That would add a new dimension to the Jesus-swapping. They had not yet received the high honor of having Him in their home. But! There is a mysterious twist. The whereabouts of Dreadlock Jesus have been called into serious question. My secret informant (who will remain unnamed for his own security and join the witness protection program for good measure) informed me that Jesus is forever entombed in the wall of our bedroom, along with the infamous Deep Purple record album poster. What!? How!? Why!? Can it be? According to my source, Dad had an evil plan to slip it into the wall before Jeff drywalled over the very last spot in our never-ending remodel project. This would effectively end the ongoing adventures of Dreadlock Jesus. What a tragedy! But...the question remains...where is Jesus? Is He in the wall, or in Rach and Phil's stuff? Was the story about hiding Him in Rach and Phil's stuff merely a red herring to throw me off the trail? Or was the story about hiding Him in our wall a fraud? The suspense is killing me! What do you all think? Where is Jesus? Dad....feel free to leave a comment and solve this thing once and for all. Everyone else, take the poll. Jeff is always nagging me to put up polls, even though he doesn't even read the blog. So, what do you think happened to Jesus?

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mcwiggins said...

You could always excavate the wall and see if He is in there.