Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jeffro Goes Green

File this one under the 'I can't make this stuff up' category. Jeff informed me last night, in all seriousness, that if we get the new house he will be getting a stationary bicycle to put in the garage. Since his current exercise regime consists of mouse-clicking and typing, this is probably a good thing. But of course, Jeff just can't let things be. Why waste energy by simply riding the bike? Why guessed it...harness that energy?! He is planning to wire a light bulb up to the bike so that as he pedals, the bulb will light up and keep him motivated to keep going. But we still wouldn't want to waste good time and energy exercising and powering a light bulb, so Jeff plans on reading his Bible while riding the bike. As he said, he'll be pedaling his way to Spiritual Enlightenment and Maturity. And of course, everyone on their path to Spiritual Maturity needs some good background music. Jeff plans on, if possible, also powering a radio with his morning pedaling. He plans on either a) playing a continuous loop of Tina Turner or b) Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Beer On Me' (the Jeff version). What do you think? Sounds like the ultimate Spiritual workout to me.

Pedal away, Jeffrey!

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