Monday, March 10, 2008

Quite possibly the most bizarre scenario...

Yesterday after church, we got a call from a real estate agent asking if she could bring her clients over to see the house. Sure. Why not? Spending our entire afternoon cleaning AGAIN would be a blast! Since we are getting down to the wire with no hope in sight, we need to get as much traffic as possible. A whole passel of people showed up, including the agent, the lady who would be renting, her son and his fiance/girlfriend and their baby, and a girl who was either a daughter or grandkid. The lady very boisterous/animated/outgoing/loud/crazy. She was missing her front too-fiz. She was, in the truest sense, a piece of work. Like no other. It seemed from the moment she wanted in that she just 'luuuuuuuuuvvvved this house!' 'Oh, I am in luuuuuuuuuv with this house!' 'Oh, it is perrrrfect!' Then, she would turn to me, grab my arm (every 12 seconds) and say, 'Don't ya luuuuuv me? Don't ya think I'm a nice person? I deseeeeeeeeeeeerve it! Don't ya think I deseeeeeeerve it?' She also said, in no particular order, 'I'd make a great naaaaaaaaaaybor! I'd plant little flowers. I'd be perrrrrfect!' And again, 'Don't ya like me?' It was very strange to say the least. She is, and I use quotes because people say this a lot, 'filling out the application tomorrow.' I think she probably will this time. But, who knows what the situation is. For one thing, I almost forgot to mention, while she and her hubby have been together for 20 years, they are each getting their own place. She also mentioned that it was her husband's birthday, and that he bought her furniture for his birthday, so apparently they are still all lovey-dovey. Right now, they are living in the GHETTO. Case in point: the fiance/girlfriend's brother was shot and killed on Saturday. We had just read about it, and here this girl is sitting in our living room. So, you see, this is how our weekends go. Clean the house like mad, at least once, and wait and see who, if anyone show up. And when they do, you never know what you're going to get!


mcwiggins said...

Wow. And I thought Clifton was bad.

Sounds like you guys would be lucky to get renters who have

1) All their teeth
2) Any English-speaking and writing skills
3) Limited neural misfirings
4) A clean urinalysis

Good luck!

Jeff & Meg said...

We'll be lucky if we find renters at all. We just found out that she is a Section 8 recipient so we can't even consider whether she deseeeeeerves it or not...we can't take her.This has been one crazy ordeal.