Monday, March 03, 2008


Now that James has learned to pee in the pot and sleep in his 'big-boy bet,' he is unstoppable! Somehow in the midst of this newfound independence, he has learned a phrase echoed by children around the world in one way or another: 'No, mines do it!' He makes it clear he don't need no stinkin' help. It is the equivalent to my brother's famous phrase 'Dit my own dumball!' He also adamantly proclaims 'mines truck' and 'mines boots.' Dad, have you been teaching him 'What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine'? Even Katie's things are 'mines,' although he doesn't mind sharing them with her. In other kid news, Katie is trying her darndest to sit up. She has actually sat up in her bouncy seat twice! I think it was a fluke so far, but she is getting so much stronger. She is rolling over a lot, although she still can't get back over. She is smiling, laughing out loud, and as Mom says, 'talking with her eyes.' Sometimes her and James play together and while it looks like he is mauling her, she is laughing out loud. It's really cute.

That's about all on the home front today. I can't really come up with anything as witty as a poll about undies. Maybe tomorrow. If you're lucky.

Here are a few recent pictures. Rach and Phil, do the kids look bigger than last week?

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