Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to the Orange Palace

Check out these pictures of our new house:

We immediately fell in love with the orange-ness of it all. NOT! As soon as we got the keys, we went back and Jeff started ripping out the carpet. Anyone interested? It's up for grabs, and oh-so-enchanting! Underneath it all was a lovely layer of tile, and in the case of the kitchen, three layers of tile. Sweet! The carpet padding was so old and squished and brittle that it resembled crushed Fritos. Once all the lovely flooring was removed, this is what we had:

Jeff and Dad have been hard at work since then installing laminate flooring throughout the downstairs. So far, they have completed the kitchen, dining room, living room and hall. Only two bedrooms to go! I have been painting away. We still have a lot of work to do and need to move in ASAP so we can get the 'old house' fixed up and inspected, but it's coming along. Here are a few pictures of the progress:

Don't worry! The orange curtains are not happening. More pictures coming soon!


Jules said...

It looks great so far! You guys are good. I can't wait to see it in person.

Trish D said...

Yeehaw! So when's the party? :)

Phillip and Rachel said...

I like the way the orange complements the molding...I wish I could be there to help spackle:(

mcwiggins said...

Hey I like the Orange Crush look!

Just paint the walls blue and you'll have Bronco colors. Heh.