Friday, February 29, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Franch

Who needs a painted pony when you can paint your own?

Since everyone keeps telling me how much they like the ‘Jeff and Meg’s Romantic Franch Date’ stories, here is another one for you. Not really a romantic date, but a Jeff and Meg shenanigan. As I have mentioned about 27 times already, you have to make up things to do since there is not much in the way of cultural entertainment. Besides, cultural entertainment is highly overrated. In an attempt to entertain ourselves one day, we rounded up a can of spray paint and Jeff’s previously mentioned gun-obsessed uncle’s cat and made ourselves a skunk. Yes, you heard that right. We captured their black cat and painted a white strip clear down its back and tail. Oh, boy, was that a kick in the pants. You should try it sometime. Along the same vein, Jeff and one of the guys from the farm captured a prairie dog and spray painted it Hunter Orange. Being contentious of the animal’s rights, they practiced the ‘Catch and Release’ principle. I will say that the orange spray paint made it so much easier to sight in against the green wheat fields.

While I am on the subject of painting animals, I just recalled a time when we lived in California. We caught some kind of turtle and took care of it for a day or two. Our parents weren't to keen on us taking in a stinky reptile so we had to release it back into the wild. Not wanting the turtle to forget it's short but sweet time with us Cheyney kids, we emblazoned it's shell with the moniker we so thoughtfully dubbed it with: PeeWee. Somewhere in the world, there is a turtle wandering around with the name 'PeeWee' scrawled on it's back with a Sharpie marker. We should have left our address on there too and started some kind of 'track the turtle' project. That would have been fun.

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