Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Kiddie News

Here's what the kids have been up to lately:

-James can count: 'one, two, fee, five, sitz!' Sometimes he even throws 'seben' on the end of that.
-Katie can actually lunge forward in an attempt to sit up and flop over her feet in the bouncy seat. Darn! That's not good timing, especially since we are on the cusp of moving and she can't really be left in her seat anymore. Oh, well.
-James likes to say 'Me watch sheeps eh-wee daaaaaaaay! Me wear see-belt eh-wee daaaaaaaay! Daddy wear see-belt eh-wee daaaaaaay!' He likes to add the every day part at the end of a lot of his sentences.
-Katie likes to 'talk' and squeal and communicate. She loves to 'sing' and dance in church when the music is going.
-James has been walking around for the last week with his 'special tooooos' and Daddy's tools, 'fitzin, Mama, fitzin.' The boy will 'fitz' anything, whether its broken or not.
-James loves to share his toys with Katie, and she loves the interaction with her brother. James likes to bring her toys and says 'Mama, Tee want that!' He likes to give her 'nuts' (Knucks) and high fives. If he wants a toy and knows he can't have it, he says 'Mama, Tee want that. Tee neeeeeeeeeeds that, Mama!'

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