Saturday, March 15, 2008


Phew! Saturday was a long day for us. We started out early, with our first appointment at 9:00. We had ten appointments scheduled and eight showed up. Simply astounding! Here is a sampling of the characters for today:

-A guy, his nephew and his son who is going to beauty school. We don’t think he’ll be interested.

-A gothic-looking couple with a little girl. They looked, took an application and didn’t ask a whole lot of questions. They don’t seem promising at all.

-A couple with a cat. Enough said.

-Two friends that want to move out of their apartments and into a house. They said they would bring their application back today, but alas, they did not.

-A crack-head who has, and I quote, ‘two kids and a woman.’

Oddly enough, everyone seemed to be possessing all their teeth and everyone spoke decent English and only one guy twitched a lot. Can you guess which one he was? And no Section 8!

In strange twist in the rental drama, we had some people email us this week about the house. I put two and two together, got five, and realized that they used to come to our church. They had moved away a few years ago and it turns out they are moving back to the area and really want to move in to our house. At the current time, they are the most and only hopeful prospect, so things just might work out after all. It should be interesting. If everything goes well with them, we will be packing up and moving all in less then two weeks! YIKES!

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