Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One, Two, Figgies!

Having kids provides good comic relief when you have MORE renters NOT SHOWING and bills for 'surgical procedures' from the pediatrician for putting stuff on your kid's bellybutton with a Q-tip. I received a bill from our pediatrician for 'removing skin lesions' for Katie. Since she has never had anything of the sort, I called the office. They informed me that they had done a 'procedure' on her bellybutton. This procedure, commonly known as simply swabbing the umbilical cord, was billed out as a surgical procedure and charged to the insurance company for $90, on top of the charges for the 'well baby visit.' I was incredulous! I kept telling the lady it made no sense. $90 to swap a bellybutton. Its not like I asked them to do it. I just asked when the thing was going to fall off, and she volunteered to swab it to help it along. Now, since my insurance company only pays 90% of surgical procedures, I have to pay 10%. It actually only comes to less than 4 bucks, but its the principle of the matter! It's ridiculous! I called the insurance company and they told me that although it is RIDICULOUS, they technically can do it. I was and am very annoyed. Then, to top that off, we had a lady scheduled to turn in her application last night. Of course, Jeff was gone and it was right at the kids' bedtime, so I kept them up thinking I would put them down right after she left. I had the house is pretty good order and everything. I waited. And waited. She never showed or called. Argh, matey! That brings me to the title of this post. It's a good thing I have James to make me laugh. His new game is 'one, two, figgies' also known as 'one, two, feeeee!' This game involves taking James by a leg and an arm, counting to three and throwing him onto the couch. He loves it. He wants to play over and over until my arms are ready to fall off. 'Figgies' is a new word he made up by combining feet and piggies. So in the midst of all the chaos that is my life right now, I can always stop what I am doing for a rousing game of 'one, two, figgies!'

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