Friday, March 14, 2008

I love it when James says:

Wuv you, mama! (Love you, mama)

Tee want this, mommy (Katie wants this, mommy)

Tee, weeeeeeep up, tee! (Katie, wake up, Katie!)

Tee seeping, Mommy! (In a VERY LOUD voice: Katie sleeping, Mommy)

Daddy fixin' (Daddy is fixing something)

Chee-chee pie, home soon (Chickie-Pie, we'll be home soon) Hmmmm...wonder where he heard that one from?

Daddy have sup-bull, mama (Daddy has a shovel, mama)

Dammy, Dap-paw's house, pees?! (Grammy, Grandpa's house please?!)

There go, Mama (There you go, mama)

No, mines do it! (No, I'm gonna do it myself!)

Row-tones, laaaayer, fi-tuck (Road cones, ladder, firetruck)

Soo Bus Mommy! Bee Sool Bus! (School Bus, BIG school bus!)

Daddy, home safe. Pray Daddy home safe! (Pray that Daddy gets home safe)

H-Murt (H-Mart)

This is not an exhaustive list of the wonderful pronunciations of James, but I figured I had better get a few words written down for posterity!

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