Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stop the Madness!

Things are crazy around here and I can't wait for things to slooooooooow down. We are still trying to get everything done, both in the 'new house' and this one. Hopefully we'll be sleeping in the new place tomorrow night. That's the plan anyway. Too much back and forth. It's really wearing on all of us and James is thoroughly confused by it all. He doesn't know where his stuff is, and more importantly where he wants it to be. We bring stuff back and forth. 'Me bring measure tape, new 'ouse.' 'Bring Henry my house.' Etc....

I am really looking forward to settling in to the house and getting all our stuff unpacked and decorating it. It's so strange to be able to move into a house and not have to first spend 3 weeks scrubbing the place up first. It's so clean all we have to do is rip out the prehistoric Orange Crush carpet and paint. I say 'all we've have to do.' That's really a farce, but hey, at least we're not shoveling cat poop out of our attic.

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