Friday, February 01, 2008

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

This is what James was wearing by the end of the day yesterday:

He has been picking out his own clothes, and adding layers or swapping out accessories throughout the day depending his mood. He began with a matching set of jammies, which he chose for himself. Somewhere along the way, he went over to jeans and back to jammies. Then, he took off the jammie shirt and stuck with his thermal undershirt. After a while, he added a flannel shirt. He threw on his froggy boots, and added the crowning touch: a tie! The tie is actually just the fabric part of a broken clip-on tie that I thought I might be able to fix. Since the clip/knot are gone, he just tucked the tie into his shirt. Clever little guy. When it was time for bed, I coerced him into his footie pajamas. However, he wanted to wear his moose shirt and comfy pants over his jammies. This is what James looks like as marshmallow man:

He tried to complete the look with his cowboy boots but couldn't fit them over his footies. Here he is, whispering all his fashion advice into Katie's ear:

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