Friday, February 22, 2008

What happened to my baby?

I went to put James in his crib yesterday for his nap and he said ever so confidently, 'Big boy bed, Mommy.' He went into the big room, climbed into the big bed, and pulled the blankets up under his chin. I thought about crying. What happened to my little baby boy? Now he is telling me he wants to sleep in his big boy bed. And that he did. He took his whole nap there and didn't have a problem. Last night, he told me 'Big boy bed, ni-night, Mommy.' I tucked him in and there he slept, all night long. Its exciting to see him feeling so independent but sad at the same time. Its just going so fast! Today for his nap he started in the 'big boy bed' but ended up in his crib, so we'll see what happens. This morning, we woke up to this:

James got all bundled up and we went outside and played a little bit. Then we went to Grammy and Grandpa's and played some more. He had a lot of fun 'sooping' the snow up with his 'shopel' and just walking around in it. I even made a snow angel. James was not impressed. Kids these days...

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Jules said...

I made a snow angel too! That's funny. Jacob was impressed and wanted me to make more!