Monday, February 11, 2008

Frostbite Among Us

For Jeff, yesterday was spent repairing the damage caused by the notorious Undercover Agent Incident. He had loads of fun. First, due to the extreme chilliness (yes, Erin, you can finally got cold here) Jeff pounded out the body panel INSIDE. It was a nice, soothing noise to lull James to sleep for his nap. Good thing kids are pretty adaptable. After much highly technical shaping of the body panel with a hammer, the panel was as good as new. Well, sort of. At least you can open the door now.

One Jeff achieved the attractive 'hammered finish,' it was time to apply the panel to the car. This is where the fun got started. It was a balmy 25 degrees or so, with very gusty wind. So gusty in fact, that despite Jeff anchoring the doormat down with a big ol' brick, the rug flew away. Jeff worked for 3 1/2 hours in the cold, pausing occasionally to shout at various uncooperative bolts. He worked very hard to get the thing put back together, enduring even when I would have given up and decided to ride a camel to work. (Last time I checked you don't have to change the oil on one of them) After 3 1/2 long hours, he finally finished and came inside to thaw out. He was INSISTENT that he had frostbite. He also mentioned that he was DYING. He said he saw the light, the pearly gates and Jesus and Saint Peter. Me, being the sympathetic wife that I am, reminded him that people survive much colder conditions and that I did not think he had frostbite. He was sure he did, and even thought he might have to go the ER to get some digits amputated. Through highly scientific evaluation I determined that maybe he had the lesser frost nip. Regardless of the actual condition of Jeff's appendages, I nearly died of hypothermia last night. Seems that Jeff, suffering from his frostbitten condition, needed to steal all the blankets in order to stay warm. I was left clutching the one solitary blanket that he didn't manage to steal. It was touch-and-go, but I survived the night. I do think I may have a case of frostbite, though.


Cristi said...

hey Meg - it was really good to talk to you today! I will definitely call you on Thursday! My blog addy is - check it out! xoxo :)

Trish D said...

How to have a successful marriage:

1. Put the Lord first
2. Each keep an emergency blanket by the bed for nights when your spouse gets "piggy"