Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ou-side Mama?

Yesterday was warm enough that we finally, much to James' excitement, went 'ou-side' for a walk. James was sporting his snow boots and my Mike the Headless 'ti-chen' (chicken) shirt, when came nearly to his ankles. He has opened up a whole new avenue of fashion by insisting on wearing our clothes. This could be bad, or very funny. Anyway, we went out walking and in addition to James sporting a huge shirt and snow boots, he carried his bucket with assorted accessories since you never know what you will need when out for a walk. (As another side note, I think I just created a really long run-on sentence!) James carried his bucket all by himself nearly the whole way, till his little legs started to get tired. He said 'Hand, mama.' He wanted to hold my hand! He was still trying to carry the bucket by himself but I could tell he was getting tired, so I took it for him. He got his monkey sunglasses out of it and put them on. We must have been a sight. I was carrying Katie, my coat, and James' bucket, holding the hand of a little boy wearing a giant t-shirt and wearing monkey sunglasses. We jumped in all the puddles along the way, and James figured out that he could make a pretty big splash. I am glad we had a day of warmth so that James could get some good old fashioned fresh air. He, and I, really needed it!

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Jules said...

We took a walk yesterday too. I had Jack ( he's 1 ) and Jacob. Jacob jumped in 1 puddle then realized his feet were wet and got really upset. He's so funny. He will not wear boots, he has too much trouble walking in them. It's a good thing we didn't have a lot of snow. Hopefully next year he'll be better with boots. He needs lessons from James!