Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Ethics of Sharing “Unnies”

So, I’ll just jump right in here. Someone from Freecycle gave us a ton of really nice hand-me-down clothes for James. The bag also contained little boys’ underwear. I have no problem with hand-me-downs, but underwear?! This is not the first time I have come across this, so it must be pretty normal. I just think its weird. I mean, seriously, would you buy used underwear for yourself? Uh, NO. That’s just sick and wrong. So why, oh why, is it ethical to allow your children to wear some other kid’s ‘unnies?’ Since Jeff has been pestering me for weeks now to put a poll on the blog, I feel that the time has come to use one. So, without further ado, would you or would you not allow your child or hypothetical child to wear some other kid’s skivvies? Please, please...this is all-important and may change your life forever, so vote now. (The poll is over to your right, folks. Just click away!)

And now that you have your undies in a bunch from all this deep contemplation, here are a few pictures of the kiddies:

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Trish D said...

Yeah, that's a weird one. I actually did get some underwear from someone in the church and was very grateful. But they were practically new (child had just been potty trained and then had a growth spurt), plus I knew where they'd come from. I wouldn't take undies from just anywhere. Is that rational? Not really (I mean, I'm going to wash anything I'm given, right?) but that's just how it is. And my policy now is just to watch for good sales!!